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What is Timeless Wedding Photography?

Timeless wedding photography is a style of photography that portrays images of weddings in a way that transcends trends and time. It features a clean, classic composition that embraces the natural essence of the couple and their surroundings.

The goal of this style is to portray the true story of the couple in an honest and emotional way.

Can Timeless Photography Be Trendy?

While timeless photography may not follow all of the same trends as other styles, it absolutely can be on-trend.

It's true that a wedding photographer capturing and editing images to be timeless will likely forgo many of the fads that come and go, but many still choose to follow trends for a selection of wedding or elopement photos especially when requested by the couple.

Trends that timeless wedding photographers may follow include highlighting popular colors, helping to select trendier locations for photoshoots, and capturing detailed shots and images of trendy things the bride and groom have included in their wedding.

The difference between these photographers and others following every fad is they will not allow a trend to influence the quality of the images they are producing.

What Are Some Current Wedding Photo Trends To Avoid?

While every couple has their own style and preferences, if you're looking for a photographer who captures and edits timeless images here are a few common trends you may want to aware of when reviewing portfolios:

  • Changing skin tones: Normally this leans toward making the subjects more tan than they actually are but often can go too far, leaving the bride, groom, and their surroundings discolored and orange. While less common, some photographers may also lighten the skin too far — again departing from the true skin tones of their subjects.
  • Obvious presets: While presets are a common and useful tool for most photographers, some go too far to create a cohesive look across their entire portfolio, and as a result, stretch some images beyond their actual color schemes. These can result in images that look great on that photographer's Instagram, but not on your wall or your own feed.
  • Blurry Images: This one is super common right now and comes from a place of creating photographs with a nostalgic, unedited feel. There's no problem with having some images from your day give that vibe, but you may consider ensuring the images from your most important moments are clear and sharp if you're looking for a timeless look.
  • Dramatic & high-contrast: As with each of these trends, this type of photography can result in stunning images. However, if you're hoping for timeless photos to enjoy for a lifetime, you may want to skip out on photographers who use contrast to an extreme. Some photos may result in dark under-eye shadows and distorted lighting.
  • Overly editorial: If every image appears dramatic and staged you may wish you had more candid photographs of you and your partner just being yourselves. A good mix of candid and editorial images will result in a truly timeless album you can enjoy now and for years to come.

Again, if you're looking for timeless wedding photography that doesn't mean you need to skip out on all of the trends. Find trends that you like and photographers who produce work aligned with your and your partner's vision.

How Do Photographers Create Timeless Images?

A lot of capturing and creating timeless wedding photography includes avoiding the extremes of the trends listed above.

But what do photographers do to create timeless images for brides and grooms?

First, the photographer needs a keen eye for detail, capturing the intricate elements that lend depth and richness to the story while maintaining authenticity.

Next, they will need the right equipment. Shooting on a variety of lenses will allow the photographer to capture the events and emotions of your wedding as they happen. A 50mm or 35mm lens is great for many of the portraits and group shots, but a quality zoom lens or prime lens that allows the photographer to get in tight (without actually being in your face) will result in those stunning candids you're looking for throughout the day.

Lastly, the photographer will need to know their way around their editing software. Relying too heavily on presets or quick edits won't allow them to create the types of images that will universally be considered timeless. Instead, they'll need to know how to manipulate things like highlights, color, shadows and more to get their work to look as vibrant and emotional as it did on your wedding day.

Consider Timeless Wedding Photography

While timeless wedding photography isn't for everyone, those who choose a photographer with this style are pleased when looking back on their images for years to come.

And if you're interested in a timeless wedding photographer, I'd love to be considered.

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