Moody portrait photography has gone through ebbs and flows in terms of popularity.

But will it last?

What is Moody Photography?

Moody portrait

Moody photography is a photo editing style which plays with high contrast, light, and emotion. The goal with this type of photography is to get the viewer to feel something.

And these photos can look stunning.

So, what's the problem?


Time has a tendency of spoiling bold, trendy photography and turning it into the "not what to do" of tomorrow's photography classes.

Sepia: Yesterday's Moody

Sepia instagram photo

An example:

When Instagram rose to popularity in the early 2010's heavy use of filters was all the rage. And one made us go wild more than all the rest:


Sepia filters added an intense reddish-brownish tint to social media albums across the world. This happened to the point of burnout. Eventually, we all woke up and decided to stop adding these harsh filters to our photos, and along came another trend.

Now, all of this is not to say that there is anything closely comparable between Sepia Instagram filters and today's moody edits added by professional photographers. As I mentioned, moody photos can look stunning!

However, trendiness is something to consider before hiring your wedding photographer and here's why:

Remember Your Event As it Was

True to color photo of a bride in Southern Utah

The importance of an event like your wedding day can go without being said. That's why brides and grooms are willing to fork out more and more money nationally each year to make sure the day goes just as they want.

Weddings are filled with excitement, joy, tears, and even some stress. But that's all part of your story.

And you should remember it as it truly was.

True-to-color wedding photography aims to help you do this.

What is True-to-Color Photography?

True-to-color photography refers to the accurate representation of colors in an image. This means that the colors in the final photograph closely match the colors of the scene or subject as they appear in real life.

Rather than drastically adjusting temperature, lighting, and saturation, true-to-color photographers tend to keep things closer to how they looked on the day of your wedding.

Note: that doesn't mean that there will be zero editing involved and that true-to-color photos will look the same as those taken on your iPhone. In contrast, these photos will enhance the natural light, beauty, and spirit of your event.

True-to-color photography can be vibrant and stunning.

Consider True to Color

True to color photo of a groom kissing a bride in front of a pink wall

So before you decide on a wedding photographer consider what you want to remember about your wedding and what that will look like in ten or more years.

True-to-color photography is not for everyone. But, those that choose a photographer with this editing style are pleased to look back on the day and see things as they really were: beautiful.

True to color engagement photo

If you are interested in a true-to-color wedding photographer, please check out my portfolio or reach out below.