Elevate Your Love Story with a Dreamy and Delicate Touch

What is Light & Airy Photography?

Light and airy photography is a distinct style that focuses on creating images with a soft, ethereal, and romantic aesthetic. It involves a delicate color palette, luminous highlights, and gentle shadows.

The goal of light and airy photography is to capture moments in a way that evokes a sense of timelessness, elegance, and emotion.

Hi, I'm Whitney, a wedding photographer specializing in true to color photography. Allow me to be your guide as we walk through the world of light and airy photography and to help you decide whether it's the right style for you.

Light and airy wedding photo in black and white

Light & Airy Vs Dark & Moody

Choosing between the popular contrasting styles of light & airy and dark & moody can be difficult. Both styles have unique touches and both can evoke powerful emotion.

Dark and moody photography is an editing style centered around contrast and drama whereas light and airy photography is more about portraying the subjects in an elegant, fairytale-like way.

So how do you choose between the two?

I'd recommend finding photographers in your area with each style and comparing the images on their website or social media platforms.

Ask yourself what emotions the images bring to your mind. What details stand out to you? Then, compare that with how you want to remember your wedding or elopement.

Which style matches the tone of your wedding? Which can you see yourself enjoying more for years to come?

Bride a groom with floral arrangements surrounding a window with lots of natural light

How Do Photographers Create light & Airy Images?

Photographers can create light and airy images through a combination of techniques that focus on capturing soft, diffused lighting and utilizing a specific editing approach.

During the shooting phase, photographers will seek out optimal lighting conditions, such as the golden hours shortly after sunrise or before sunset, overcast days, or indoor locations that naturally provide soft illumination.

Photographers might also slightly overexpose the images to achieve that bright and airy look. This involves adjusting the exposure settings to intentionally let in more light, resulting in a gentle, luminous quality.

Additionally, the use of wide aperture lenses can help create a beautiful bokeh effect, further enhancing the dreamy aesthetic.

Finally, the editing process plays a crucial role in achieving the final light and airy style. Photographers may adjust brightness and contrast, enhance pastel tones, and reduce sharpness in certain areas to soften the overall image. They may also selectively brighten highlights and subtly lift shadows to maintain detail while creating a soft and delicate feel.

The goal is to create an image that radiates a romantic and timeless aura, evoking a sense of beauty and emotion.

Candles on a wedding table shot in the light and airy style

Consider Light And Airy Photography For Your Wedding

I don't need to emphasize the importance of your wedding. You understand that it's a big deal.

That's probably why you're scouring the internet Googling various wedding photography styles.

While light and airy wedding photography isn't for everyone, those who choose a photographer with this style are pleased when looking back on their images for years to come.

And if you're interested in a light and airy photographer, I'd love to be considered. While I label my style as true to color, I tend to lean in the direction of light and airy imagery and would be happy to take your inquiry.

More Examples of Light & Airy Wedding Photography

A chair for wedding guests shot in the light and airy editing style
Bride with her bouquet
Bride and bouquet looking in the camera with lots of natural light
Oranges and blossoms - light and airy
Wedding cake surrounded by bright florals - light and airy
A peach colored wedding cake on a white tablecloth
Bride a groom looking at each other - light and airy
Bride and groom before wedding ceremony
Bride preparing for wedding ceremony - light and airy
Bride a groom about to kiss in front of a window with lots of light
Bride and groom sitting between wedding events with lots of light
Close up of bride touching groom's chest - light and airy
A couple kissing before their wedding
A bride in her wedding dress surrounded by a bright glass archway
Bride a groom kissing in their wedding attire surrounded by dangling florals