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What is Flat Lay Wedding Photography?

Flat lay wedding photography is a unique and visually captivating style of capturing wedding details and accessories. In this approach, the photographer arranges items such as the bridal bouquet, wedding rings, stationery, jewelry, and other significant elements in an elegant, flat composition.

Flat lay wedding photography is all about showcasing the little details that make your wedding unique.

It's about turning those individual elements into a collective masterpiece. By arranging these items in an aesthetically pleasing manner, your photographer can tell a story that's as visually striking as it is emotionally resonant.

Why Flat Lay Photography?

Flat lay wedding photography may not be the most important piece to your photography gallery, but it should be included as an element. Here's why:

  • Document preservation: Flat lay photos are a great way to preserve documents from your wedding without having to store stationery or decor.
  • Storytelling: Flat lay is a unique way to add to the storytelling within your wedding photo gallery. Not every image from your wedding day will be an action shot. Adding a few pictures of details will help take you back to the feelings of the day for years to come.
  • See Your Wedding From Another Perspective: Flat lay photography allows your photographer another chance to display your special day through the lens of her or his artistic perspective.

Flat Lay Wedding Photography Tips

Here are a few tips to consider when shooting flat lay photography:

Create a Mindful Composition

The foundation of compelling flat lays lies in thoughtful composition. Start with a clean, uncluttered background that complements your wedding's color palette.

Ensure adequate natural or soft diffused lighting to avoid harsh shadows.

Arrange the elements strategically, allowing them to flow naturally within the frame. Consider symmetry, balance, and negative space, creating a harmonious and visually pleasing composition.

Tell a Story

Each flat lay should narrate a part of your wedding story. For instance, capture the wedding invitation nestled amidst a scattering of delicate flower petals to evoke the anticipation of the day. Highlight the bride's jewelry intertwined with her handwritten vows to showcase the deep emotions tied to the moment.

Incorporate Texture and Variety

Diversity in texture adds depth to your flat lay. Incorporate elements like vintage fabrics, ornate dishes, or lush greenery to create layers of interest. Varying heights and angles can also elevate the composition, making it visually engaging.

Consider FLat Lay Photography For Your Wedding

If you're interested in an experienced flat lay wedding photographer, I'd love to be considered.

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Examples of Flat Lay Wedding Photography

Oranges and blossoms - light and airy