Are Wedding Invitations Necessary?

Yes. Wedding invitations are still necessary for most weddings and your guests will likely still expect a formal invitation in the mail before they arrive.

If you're worried about budget there are great ways to save on the overall price of invitations - like choosing a local designer that can print in bulk.

Why Are Wedding Invitations Important?

The wedding invitation is important because it provides your guests with all of the important information about your ceremony (time, place, & details) and reception.

Even in the digital age, guests prefer real, paper invites because it adds a sense of formality, elegance, and love from you to them.

Wedding Invitations vs. Save the Dates

Save the Dates:

A Save the Date is sent out several months (as many as 12 months) before the wedding. Save the Dates are especially important if you're planning a destination wedding or if you're planning to invite family and friends from out of town to your ceremony or reception.

Wedding Invitations:

Wedding invitations are sent out a few weeks (3-6) before the wedding. This gives you time to figure out details with your venue and other wedding vendors. The wedding invitation will include all important information like times, locations, dress codes, etc. so your guests will know where to go when, and what to expect.

Front of a wedding invitation with a picture on it
Back of a wedding invitation with information on it

How are Wedding Invitations Printed?

Wedding invitations are printed in a variety of ways depending on your designer, printer, and budget. Some budget-conscious couples choose to print invitations at their local superstore on plain photo paper while others choose to forgo printing altogether in favor of hand-designed announcements.

The most common middle-ground for couples includes a matte-finish, stationary-grade, cardstock. This allows couples to maintain a high standard of quality without dipping too much into their total budget.

Can Wedding Invitations Be Emailed?

Some couples prefer to email their wedding invitations, but this is not recommended for most couples. Many guests still expect a paper invitation that is either hand-delivered or mailed.

A printed invitation feels more formal and personal than an email and can be surprisingly affordable.

Should Wedding Invitations Have Pictures?

This one is up to you! Many couples forgo photographs of themselves on the invitation because this can give the announcement a more elegant feel. Invitations with pictures of the couple give off a more personal feel.

A popular balance for many couples is to reserve the back of the invitation for an engagement photo (or multiple photos) and use the front for writing out the details of the events.

How Many Wedding Invitations Should I Order?

This all depends on how large you expect your wedding and reception to be and your preferences. You should have one invitation made for each household you plan on inviting to the reception. Make sure to order more than you initially plan for. Having a few dozen extra invitations on hand will prove useful for guests whose invitations are lost in the mail or family/friends you may have forgotten about, but still want to include.

Smaller weddings may only require 100 invitations, while larger wedding receptions may warrant over 1000 printed.

How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost?

The average price for wedding invitations in the United States is between $500 and $600. Wedding invitation costs vary from designer to designer and printer to printer. Sourcing custom invitations from a designer can save you money - especially on large weddings since they normally provide bulk discounts on printing.

At Whitney Sue Designs we offer the following prices for wedding invitation quantities:

  • 100 Invitations and Envelopes - $200
  • 250 Invitations and Envelopes - $220
  • 500 Invitations and Envelopes - $240
  • 1000 Invitations and Envelopes - $265

What Info Should You Include on Your Wedding Invitations?

Important info for your wedding invitations include:

  • Names of the couple getting married
  • Ceremony date, time, location, & dress code (You may want to leave this off your general invitation if you'll only be inviting a portion of your guests to the ceremony. Try insert cards!)
  • Luncheon details (Same as with the ceremony details, may be included on an insert card.)
  • Reception date, times of different events, location (venue name), & dress code

Other optional information includes:

  • Parent names
  • wedding registries

Where to Print Wedding Invitations

You can print wedding invitations nearly anywhere. Walmart, Costco, and other megastores offer inexpensive options for printing if you already have a design. Local print shops offer higher quality print options but expect to pay a bit more.

Your designer may also have a preferred printer they work through.

Who Should Send Wedding Invitations?

Traditionally, the parents of the bride send out the wedding invitations. Many couples now favor sending out the invitations themselves. Either option works great!