What should you expect to pay a Utah wedding photographer in 2023? This question can be difficult to answer - especially because many photographers don't post their prices online.

To help answer this question and others, I've put together this article.

If you're preparing to get married in Utah, here's what you need to know about wedding photographer costs:

What is the Average Cost for Wedding Photography in Utah?

The average cost for wedding photography in Utah is $2,298².

Utah's average price for a wedding photographer is lower than the rest of the country¹ as the most recent data shows couples in the United States spent an average of $2600 for this service. This cost is expected to increase throughout 2024.

Could I Be Overpaying for Wedding Photography?

This of course all depends on your priorities, style, and budget. While some photographers may legitimately be trying to charge more than they're worth, the vast majority aren't.

It can be tempting to break down the cost of your wedding photography package into an hourly rate and ask yourself why you should be paying your photographer $250+ per hour. It is only after considering all of the extra time, effort, and energy put in by your photographer that the real value of their work can be weighed.

Most photographers spend many hours communicating, coordinating, and traveling just to get your photoshoot set up and organized. Additionally, your photographer is likely spending at least one hour editing photos for every hour they spent shooting your photos (the culling and editing process is no joke!).

If you're worried you may be paying too much for your wedding photography package do your due diligence! It's ok to say no to your aunt's best friend's neighbor or your sister's Relief Society president who may have offered to shoot your wedding!

Shop around a bit!

Find a photographer with your style that fits within your budget! You won't regret it.

Can I Negotiate Prices with My Wedding Photographer?

Most wedding photographers follow a strict non-negotiation policy when it comes to their prices, so it is not recommended to counter your photographer's price with a price of your own.

However, many photographers will be willing to work with you to find a solution that fits your budget. If none of their standard wedding packages work well for your exact needs you can ask if there is any flexibility in their offering. Many photographers will allow you to pay for a smaller package and then charge an hourly fee for any extra work needed.

How do I Find a Wedding Photographer in my Budget?

  1. Set a reasonable wedding photography budget. Nationally, people spend roughly 9% of their wedding budget on photography. In Utah, since brides and grooms spend less overall they typically end up spending a greater percentage of their budget on photography - more than 11%. Spend what works for you!
  2. Spend time searching online. Don't just look at Google, make sure to check out Instagram (a great way to search is with hashtags like #UtahWeddingPhotography). Many Utah wedding photographers don't have websites and find most of their client work through social media.
  3. Ask photographers about a la carte options. Many wedding photographers post their package prices online, but not their hourly rates. Ask to see if they have an hourly rate. Maybe you only need photos done for a few hours on the day of the wedding rather than an entire multi-day wedding package.
  4. Consider diverting resources to photography. If you still aren't finding a photographer with the right style in your budget consider moving your wedding money around. There are lots of great ways to save on other aspects of your wedding. After all, flowers, decorations, and food only last the day. Your photography will last you forever.

Should I Tip my Wedding Photographer?

It is not necessary to tip your wedding photographer or pay more than your agreed-upon package or price (assuming your wedding day goes to plan and doesn't go over time). A tip can be a kind way of saying, "thank you" if your wedding photographer has gone above and beyond for you, but they likely aren't expecting it.

Who is Responsible for Paying the Wedding Photographer?

Traditionally, the bride and her side of the family are responsible for paying for wedding photography.

While this tradition stands in most instances, it is becoming more and more common for both families to pitch in and make adjustments to tradition. Many modern couples pay for large portions of the wedding themselves, often pooling resources from generous family members on both sides of the family. Your photographer certainly won't care who pays her/him!

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