The Little Sahara desert (west of Nephi, Utah) is my favorite location to photograph this year and here's why:


If you're new to the blog, my name is Whitney. I'm a natural light wedding and elopement photographer based in Utah with a true-to-color style. I like to shoot outdoors in the sun and soak up all the Vitamin D I can with my clients!

Over the last 10+ years I have photographed many Utah photoshoot locations and I am constantly amazed at the beauty and variety our state offers.

That being said, I do have favorite locations including mountain areas, beach areas (like the Great Saltair), and city locations.

This year, I'm in the mood to shoot more at Little Sahara.

Read on to see why.

Desert Colors

As mentioned, I am a true-to-color photographer. That means you won't be seeing moody portraits or heavy filters from me.

It also means I rely heavily on the natural beauty of the location (and my gorgeous clients) to create stunning imagery.

Little Sahara is a great location for color. But maybe not for the reason you think.

Little Sahara is not the place to shoot at if you are looking for a colorful location. In fact, this desert is almost all one color.

Instead, these sand dunes offer the perfect light and bright backdrop for my clients to be featured on. The glowing sand gives an almost-pink glow that nicely highlights skin color, clothing options, and hair.

You will look your best in the desert!


The last time I photographed at Little Sahara I was pleasantly surprised to find it void of other photographers. I'm not sure this is always the case, but it was nice!

Let's face it, Utah has no shortage of hobbyist and professional photographers. That also means the popular locations like Tibblefork Reservoir and Jordan Pines are often filled with other camera-wielding women and clients in Target-brand hats.

There's nothing wrong with this, but it does cause a bit of extra work for me on the editing side.

Little Sahara (at least for now) remains clearer and easier to photograph and edit afterwards.


It's no secret that Utah has a wide variety of scenery to select from for portrait photography.

If you're into mountain scenes, we've got that. Prefer red rock? Try the red ledges in Spanish Fork or head to Southern Utah.

The other thing you'll know if you've lived in Utah for at least one Summer is that this state is dry. It is a true desert.

Many clients try to disguise this by taking photos in green areas (I do too), but The Little Sahara sand dunes do the opposite. They show off the desert beauty that Utah has to offer.

Schedule Your Little Sahara Photoshoot

If you are interested in true-to-color photography at Little Sahara feel free to reach out!

I'm as excited as you are to explore the desert with you in 2022!