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While I spend a lot of my time doing wedding photography at various locations here in Utah, I also believe in helping my clients throughout the creative process to create the dream look for their wedding. With the dual roles of graphic designer and photographer I can help keep your aesthetic consistent from the photos to your custom wedding invitations.

Katie and Nate

Wear your masks

Katie and Nate are some of my favorite corona clients! They let me design these modern and unique invitations for their wedding and my very favorite part of these invitations are the cute masked faceless portraits that I designed so that they can help remind their wedding guests to wear their masks to keep everyone safe! In addition to photography, I also studied graphic design in college, so I love being able to incorporate my graphic design background into my wedding invitations with fun projects like these! If you are looking for something fun and unique for your wedding invitation designs let me know! I'd love to break the mold and give you invitations that will stand out on your friend's and families fridge and that will become a keepsake for you and your lover for forever.

Raegan and Kenner

The Cutest Corona Couple

Raegan and Kenner are the cutest couple that just had a whirlwind thrown at them when the Covid-19 Pandemic hit them. They had their wedding plans ripped out from under them, but somehow they managed to stay just as steady and as happy as ever when they were forced to rearrange their plans. I was blessed to be able to be both their photographer, and their wedding invitation designer so it was really fun to be able to help make their wedding special. We took their engagements in the snow right after they got engaged, and took their formal pictures right smack dab in the middle of the pandemic. Since the temples were closed at the time they opted for a little intimate ceremony with just their immediate family members and me (perks of being the photographer!) But don't worry... I sat several rows behind everyone in the phews in the chapel and did my very best to social distance. After their beautiful little ceremony we all sat and waited until the announcement came that the temples would re-open! As soon as we found out they were re-opening I was so excited to finally design their invitations for their sealing and I am just so excited for their sealing coming up in just under a month. Their sealing invitations include watercolor flowers that I hand painted as well as photography from their engagement and formal sessions that I did with them. After a long hard quarantine this sealing feels like the light at the end of the tunnel! Congrats Raegan and Kenner! I couldn't be more excited for you!

I design custom wedding invitations right here in Provo, utah. Each design is as unique as you are! Let me help you tell your love story through beautiful and affordable wedding announcements.

Emily and An

Invitations that are as unique as the couple! These invitations are some of my favorite invitations because of how unique they are! With families from two different countries, I was able to design a two sided invitation with two different languages! On one side we wrote the invitation information in English, while the other side had the same information written in Vietnamese! Their wedding pictures on these invitations were taken by Rachel Lindsay Photography.

Iris and Jayden

These were some of my favorite invitations that I ever got to design. When they sent me their wedding pictures taken by their wedding photographer I was so excited by how clean their portraits are. I loved how the very light watercolor plants were able to blend right in with the lettering and pictures to make a beautiful cohesive design. I also loved their modern fonts that they let me play with.

Josh and Whitney

Me and my sweet husband

These are actually my own wedding invitations that I designed for my own wedding in 2018. I decided on blush pink for some of my lettering to match the cherry blossoms in our engagement pictures. Our wedding pictures were taken by the ever so lovely Ashley Hawks who did an incredible job. The fantastic seafoam green bike (my favorite color) was borrowed from one of my very best friends Hannah Hancock. As far as wording I wanted to change up some of the traditional lettering in order to make my invitations unique. I wrote that my parents were "delighted" to announce my marriage because I thought it sounded cute, and instead of "to" I put in "to her best friend" because well... he is! And instead of simply calling it a reception I wrote "wedding celebration" because I wanted everyone to know that they weren't just coming for a casual handshake and boring refreshments, but were coming to a literal party and that they should come prepared. Overall, I loved that I was able to design my own wedding invitations and make them exactly how I wanted them, which is why I decided to start designing wedding invitations invitations for others in the first place! My goal is to give each of my clients the wedding invitations that meet their individual style and dreams.

Elle and Landon

Elle and Brandon were looking for an elegant floral water color design for their wedding invitations. I was so excited to be able to hand paint their flowers and I loved how they turned out! They opted to not put any photographs on the invitation itself, but instead printed separate pictures to go with their invitations.

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Quality wedding invitations, designed locally in Provo, don't have to be expensive! Whether you are holding a traditional Utah gathering with loads of friends, family, and everyone your parents know, or a quiet personal reception, I have the custom design and printing packages you need. My prices start as low as $125.

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Some of my other favorite wedding invitation designs

Disclaimer: I do not own all of the photography that is shown on these invitations.

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