First of all, congrats!!

You're getting married and considering a winter wedding in Utah. Now comes all of the planning and preparation.

No easy feat.

That's why I've put together this guide for brides, grooms, and relatives to decide if a Utah winter wedding is right for them and give you a bit of a headstart in the planning process.

Read along!

Utah bride and groom kissing in the winter

Pros of a Winter Wedding In Utah

There are pros and cons to having your Utah wedding in winter. Let's start with the pros:

  • Snowy Scenery: Utah's winter landscapes are unmatched. From snow-capped mountains to the white and orange contrast you'll see in Southern Utah, this is the place!
  • Venue Availability & Affordability: Many venues in Utah provide discounted rates during off-seasons and despite the beautiful atmosphere, winter is an off-season during many months in the state. Check with your venue whether you can take advantage of such a discount.
  • Guest Availability: Your guests are likely more available during the winter as you won't be competing with Summer vacations already planned.
  • Winter Attire: The colder season in Utah means you can wear long-sleeved dresses, fur stoles, etc., and not overheat!
  • Stunning Photography: Winter can lead to excellent photography opportunities. The lighting is different during this part of the year and you can take advantage of the reflectiveness of snow. Combine this with snow-blanketed scenery and you've got a collection of wedding images you won't regret.

Cons of a Winter Wedding In Utah

Before deciding on a winter wedding you'll need to be aware of a few cons associated with the season:

  • Cold Weather: It gets so cold in Utah. Enough said!
  • Weather-related Travel Issues: Utah roads can get icy during the winter months which may become an obstacle for you and your guests.
  • Limited Photography Locations: While there are still many options that will work year-round (including mountainous locations), some will become inaccessible due to road closures and snowpack. Make sure you choose a photographer familiar with great indoor and outdoor photoshoot locations!
  • Limited Floral Selections: Utah florists may not have certain types of flowers or greenery available during winter months. Check with a florist local to the state to see what options they can provide and when.
  • Holiday Scheduling Conflicts: While you won't have your guests' Summer vacations to contend with, you may run into some availability issues around the holidays. Be mindful when selecting your winter wedding date.

Utah Winter Wedding Tips

Assuming you're more excited about the pros of your winter wedding than the cons, here are a few tips to keep in mind as you move forward with your planning:

Hire an Experienced Utah Photographer

Selecting the right photographer for your winter wedding can mean the difference between receiving a few good photos and receiving an entire gallery of timeless images you'll love now and always.

An experienced wedding photographer will be more familiar with good and poor winter locations (including outdoor and indoor locations) for your formals, bridals, and engagements.

The experienced wedding photographer will also be familiar with shooting in the different lighting and weather conditions common during Utah winters.

If you're in need of a wedding photographer with years of experience shooting in Utah, I'd love to be considered! View my wedding photography here or use the button below to get in touch.

Winter engagement photo surrounded by snow in Utah mountains

*Tastefully* Lean Into the Season

A winter wedding gives you the opportunity to use different colors, greenery, and themes than spring and summer weddings. You should lean into this tastefully.

That means utilizing the greens, crimsons, and cozy decor that you want, but keeping in mind that you don't have to holiday theme your wedding.

Find ways to lean into the season without overdoing it!

Consider Serving Comfort Foods

While there is nothing worse than heavy, hot food on a summer day, you have a great opportunity to include some comfort food for your winter wedding guests.

You'll of course still want to avoid anything too heavy before your wedding dance, you and your guests will appreciate soups at the luncheon and hot cocoas at the reception to warm up with.

Have fun with your wedding food and ask your caterer what seasonal options they have available to you!

Little Cottonwood Canyon wedding photo with bride and groom hugging in the snow

Plan For Heating Solutions

A simple, but sometimes overlooked tip; you've got to keep yourself and your guests warm and comfortable.

Many venues in Utah will have heating solutions for outdoor portions of the space. Check with your venue on their plan and supplies in case of low temperatures.

Mind the Lighting

Whether you're taking photos in white, reflective snow or simply adjusting to the limited availability of natural light, you'll need to be aware of your photography options.

Consider shooting at an indoor location such as a greenhouse during the winter!

Choose a Cozy Venue

Utah has a myriad of venues that stand out in the winter.

To make the most of the season choose something cozy like the Millcreek Inn or the White Willow (White Willow has even been featured in some holiday-themed movies).


Utah weddings are dazzling during the winter. If you've decided this is the time for your wedding you won't be disappointed if you do it right.

I hope you've found a few of these tips useful!

If you're in need of a wedding photographer for your winter wedding feel free to send me a note.

Thank you!