This might be a pretty long post... we have a lot of ground to cover. But I promise it will be worth the read!

In my last post, we had recently started dating again after our friend zone. We were still not exclusive, and I was still going on dates with other people here and there as part of an attempt to "take things slow", but we were heading in a serious direction for sure! As time passed I transitioned from going on dates with different people every night to dating Josh more and more often until he was just about the only one I ever wanted to see. On one specific night, as he dropped me off at the end of our date he asked me a very important question... he looked me in the eyes and said "Whitney, when can I start calling you my girlfriend?"

I said "well... I have a blind date planned on Monday that's been planned for weeks and I would feel bad canceling it now, but as soon as that date is over I'm all yours."

So that other blind date came and went. It was fine and the boy was nice, but the whole time I was on that date I was thinking about Josh and how much I wished I was with him. At the end of the night when my date finally dropped me off I ran into my room and flopped on my bed and send Josh a text that said "so, good news! I didn't fall in love with my date tonight! 😉"

He later told me that he had been sitting on his bed wide awake waiting for that text to come.

The next day we celebrated becoming officially boyfriend and girlfriend with Martinelli's and goldfish. We changed our relationship statuses and my goodness I was in heaven.

We became inseparable. We were always together. He became my whole world.

The night before New years Eve we pulled into his driveway at the end of a date. It was late and I had driven because Josh's brother had their car. Josh seemed to be acting a little different and we started talking and he quickly started trying to explain his feelings he had towards me but was struggling to find the right words. He said, "Whitney, I have a lot of feelings right now, but I don't really know what to do about them."

I looked at hin and said "Well tell me those feelings Josh!"

It was well past midnight so it was officially New Years Eve at this point. He looked me in the eyes and said with a smile "Whitney, I love you."

I told him I loved him right back.

The next day I took him home to Layton with me to meet my whole extended family. (After all, I had met his entire extended family on the second date, so it was about time.) Josh did an incredible job.

My family decided that night to have a lip synch battle. Josh and I performed A Whole New World from Aladin. Supposedly we tied for first with my mom and sister who performed a well thought out performance of Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift. My mom attempted to twirk that day so I'd say they were some pretty fair competition. But at the end of our song, Josh had the guts to kiss me in front of my entire extended family and for that, I'd say he probably deserved to win first place.

As the following weeks passed I fell for this boy... and I fell hard. I just loved this boy more and more every day. We casually started throwing the idea of marriage around as a hypothetical situation. It was a lot of little comments like "if we get married...." from both of us. But at some point, and it was so subtle that I couldn't tell you the moment it happened, but at some point, the conversation started to morph from "if we get married" to "when we get married."

At the end of January Josh took me to start looking at rings.

I had picked one out and now it was all a waiting game. Josh had me squirming in my seat not knowing when he was going to propose. I was convinced I was going to be able to figure him out... I was dead wrong.

This last weekend (February 16-18th 2018) my best friend, Jordan, and her boyfriend, Trent were coming down from Idaho to visit. We had had this planned for weeks and I was super excited. We had planned this double date for Saturday and I was really looking forward to it.

A couple days ago Josh texted me and told me they had updated his schedule for work and that he now had to work on Saturday and so he would have to cancel our double date.

I was so upset. We had had this date planned for weeks and I hadn't seen my best friend since they moved to Idaho months ago and this was the only day we had to hang out with them as couples. I told Josh it was okay, but I was super not happy about it.

So Friday came and Jordan and Trent came down. I met them at In-n-Out. While we were sitting there I told them about how I knew Josh was going to propose soon, but that I had no idea when. Trent had me convinced that Josh was probably waiting for the ring place to order the ring in and that it was going to be 4-6 weeks before it got here. After In-n-out we went over to Target to meet Josh for his meal break at work. We ran over to Wendy's and even though it was only a half hour it was fun to have all four of us together for a minute.

The next day we met at Josh's house early in the morning before he had to "go to work." Josh made us breakfast and it was lovely. Then after hanging out for a while, he said that he needed to start getting ready for work so he went upstairs and put on his Target Outfit as if he was really going to go to Target. And I fully believed that's where he was headed. I said goodbye to him and accepted my fate that I would have to third wheel for the rest of the day. So we left.

Jordan and Trent said that they needed to go finish some homework so we went back to my place to do that. I just hung out while they did that and then by some miracle was randomly able to skype with one of my favorite mission companions in Tonga that I hadn't talked to in a while. So while I was distracted with this, the rest of them had this intense operation going down that I was completely oblivious to.

Trent told me he had a humanities project he needed to do where he needed to take pictures and that they needed to borrow my camera. Jordan has been telling the two of us about this abandoned castle in Provo she wanted to show us for months so we decided that today would be a good time to go check it out while Trent does his photography assignment.

So we left my apartment to head over to the castle. While we were still in the car Trent asked me if I could show him the camera stuff. I just looked at him and was like "no dude, we're still in the car. I'll get all the equipment out when we get up there. So then we started walking up the path. At one point Trent stopped and asked me for the camera again and I was like "dude be patient!" but decided this time to give in. He pretended he wanted to take a landscape picture right there. I handed him the camera and he took this dumb shot of the top of a roof of a building.

Photo Cred: Trent Thayne

I just looked at him and thought to myself "Seriously Trent... that was a terrible picture. You're a terrible photographer." haha little did I know he was just doing everything he could to get that camera from me.

So we got to the castle and started making our way up this beautiful pathway to get to the amphitheater. I'm oblivious to everything that's going on and am just waltzing up the path like I'm just going to go take some pictures. When I get to the entrance of the amphitheater I notice a couple people with cameras set up and I think to myself "oh, there's some people shooting a project here and I don't want to interrupt them!" as I started to turn to tell Trent and Jordan we should probably leave.

My frisbee that Josh had thrown me to ask me on our first date back in October was lying on the ground in the pathway. I totally walked past it and didn't even notice it so Jordan kept trying to tell me about it. She just kept saying "Look! There's a disk on the ground! Whitney look! It's a disk." She said it several times before I turned around to realize that it was MY frisbee. It was then that I noticed the guy behind the camera was Josh's dad and I started to put two and two together as Josh appeared from around the corner.

I about died.

Josh was supposed to be at Target.

Josh led me to the middle of the stage in the amphitheater.

He got down on one knee and told me he loved me.

He asked me to marry him.

I said YES!

And that's the story of how I got engaged to the Frisbee Boy.

*insert hundreds of heart eye emojis here*

The rest of the day was a whirlwind. We took some more pictures with Trent and Jordan and then sent them on their way.

Thanks SO MUCH for all the support and love that everyone has already shown us. It means so much to us to feel so much love from so many friends and family members. We are so thrilled to start the next chapter of the rest of our lives together, and we are so happy that we have so much support as we begin this crazy journey! Josh and I love each of you very much and talk all the time about how grateful we are to have such an incredible army behind us. Thank you for all the love! We love you all so much!

And as always.... this story is to be continued...