Utah is known for its dating scene, quick engagements, and low divorce rates. As a wedding photographer, I wanted to dive deeper into this topic to better understand my audience. I turned to Google Trends which displays historic and recent search data by region. What I found might surprise you:

Utah's Romantic Search History Infographic by WhitneySue.com

What We Expected

Utah ranks #1 for states searching for "date ideas" on Google:

Utah also ranks in the top 3 for "proposal ideas" and "valentines ideas". Utahns are known for their creativity when it comes to their love life and businesses throughout the Wasatch Front capitalize on this.

As a wedding photographer, I love to see this. I think it exemplifies my client base. Couples that reach out to me to have their photos taken are fun, unique, and creative. In my photos I try to emphasize their natural enthusiasm and showcase each couple's combined personality.

It's Complicated...

The more surprising data was that Utah also ranked near the top for states searching "how to break up" and "am I in love". It's clear that Utah's dating life is more than just cute picnics and hiking the Y. Simply put, if Utahns had one collective Facebook, our relationship status would be "it's complicated".

Research Notes

A few notes on this research: All rankings noted are per capita, meaning by percent of total population Utah ranks in the top position for searching "date ideas".

Trends data is always changing and fluctuating based on current searches performed. This data was measured on January 29, 2022. Data collected is from the last 12 months unless otherwise indicated.