Selecting a wedding photographer can be hard—especially in Utah

where everyone has a camera.

So before you give up and hire your relief society president, read this to find a few of Utah's top wedding photographers categorized by style.

Dark & Moody

Dark and moody photography is an editing style that captures contrast, light, and emotion. Photographers who use dark and moody edits can expertly evoke strong feelings and exhibit the drama of an event with beauty.

Below are some of the best wedding photographers in Utah with this style:

Hannah Bickmore

Hannah is a masterful editorial, fashion and couples photographer that travels between Utah and New York. Her photography is stunning and dramatic. If you are searching for a wedding photographer that isn't afraid of contrast and plays with lighting check out Hannah's photography on Instagram

Shay K Willis

Shay is another Utah-based photographer experienced with moody portraits that are perfect for brides and grooms who want photos with a flare. Shay is comfortable in various lighting scenarios and displays an excellent eye when it comes to telling your unique story. See Shay's work @shaykphoto on Instagram!


Boho (or bohemian) is more than just a photography style. The term "boho" is used to describe styles of interior design, clothing, props, and more. The photo editing style I'm referring to, has been growing in popularity in recent years and leans toward warm, almost-hazy tints.

Here are two talented wedding photographers based in Utah who demonstrate this editing style perfectly:

Kamri Argyle

Kamri is the first photographer I would categorize as having bohemian edits. Her work is clean and classic with an almost-vintage feel. Her photography is a little warmer on the temperature scale and feels elegant and unique. Find her Instagram!

Kayla Mariee

Kayla is another photographer that comes to mind when I think beautiful and boho. When viewing Kayla's photography you can seemingly feel the heat coming from the arid desert landscapes her clients are posed in. Check her Instagram out @kaylamarieephotography!

True to Color

Last, but not least is true to color photography. This style is light on the edits and easy on the eyes. True to color edits attempt to harness the beauty and lighting of the moment captured and enhance it without changing the spirit of the event. You won't see as much contrast or changes to saturation in this style, but true to color photography can be as fine and elegant as any style.

This style of editing is my preference, so to avoid my bias I won't be comparing my work to other true to color photographers in Utah. If you are interested in a true to color wedding photographer I'd invite you to browse my portfolio and the images below! 😊