What should you expect to pay for Utah wedding photography in 2021? This question can be difficult to answer - especially because many photographers don't post their prices online. I know for many photographers this is a personal choice. Many believe this increases their inquiries and leads. On the other hand, other photographers like myself choose to have more transparent prices. Personally, I think this helps keep me busy with clients who are legitimately interested in working with me instead of answering loads of emails! That means more time capturing and editing photos and less office work!

If you're preparing to get married in Utah, here's what you need to know about wedding photographer costs:

What is the Average Cost of a Wedding Photographer in Utah?

  • The average cost of a wedding photographer in Utah is $1900²
  • Utah's average price for a wedding photographer is significantly lower than across the rest of the country
  • The most recent data¹ on the national price for wedding photography found that couples spend $2400 on average
  • This cost is increasing in 2021

How do I Find a Wedding Photographer in my Budget?

  1. Figure out a reasonable wedding photography budget. Nationally, people spend roughly 7% of their wedding budget on photography. In Utah, since brides and grooms spend less overall they typically end up spending a greater percentage of their budget on photography - closer to 10%. Spend what works for you!
  2. Spend time searching online. Don't just look at Google, make sure to check out instagram (a great way to search is with hashtags like #UtahWeddingPhotography). Many Utah wedding photographers don't have websites and find most of their client work through social media.
  3. Ask photographers about a la carte options. Many wedding photographers post their package prices online, but not their hourly rate. Ask to see if they have an hourly rate. Maybe you only need photos done for a few hours on the day of the wedding rather than an entire multi-day wedding package.
  4. Consider diverting resources to photography. If you still aren't finding a photographer with the right style in your budget consider moving your wedding money around. There are lots of great ways to save on other aspects of your wedding. After all, flowers, decorations, and food only last the day. Your photography will last you forever.

Whitney Sue Wedding Photography

Now that you know what to expect for your Utah wedding photography pricing, check out my prices page and compare. Also take a look at my wedding photography portfolio. I'd love to help you tell the story of your love through clean, true to color photography - all at an affordable price. If you like what you see, contact me today so we can get started!