Welcome to the comprehensive guide to Utah wedding photography. Here you'll find answers to common questions my photography clients have had over the years as well as lessons learned from my own wedding and weddings I've attended as the photographer. Getting married can be overwhelming but finding the right photographer can help take a massive load off your wedding prep plate.

Utah Wedding Photographer Prices

How much do wedding photographers charge in Utah?

Wedding photographers in Utah charge an average of $1500 to $3000 per wedding. These prices vary widely due to individual needs, styles, and pricing structures.

Wedding Packages

The most popular way to structure wedding photography prices is through packages. Wedding photographers in Utah commonly offer engagement photos, formals, and wedding day coverage all rolled into conveniently-priced packages.

Hourly Prices

Another common way photographers in Utah charge for weddings is through an hourly rate. Utah photographers charge anywhere from $200 to $400 per hour. Usually, a photographer offers their hourly rate as an alternative to their packages for clients who might only need limited coverage or elect to forgo engagement photos and/or formal sessions.

See my complete guide to Utah wedding photography prices here.

Common Wedding Photography Styles

Dark and Moody

In recent years dark and moody photography has become common throughout the country and Utah has been no exception. This style of wedding photography is dramatic and stunning when done well. Dark and moody photography is edited to be high contrast with dark shadows and intriguing colors.

Clean and Classic

Clean and classic wedding photography (also referred to as light and airy) is another popular style of photography. Rather than create high-contrast, dramatic images, the goal of this style is to produce images that are true-to-color and tell the story of the subject in a natural, timeless way. This is my personal favorite and the way I edit my own photos!

Clean and classic wedding photo at Utah State Capitol

How to Find Your Photographer

Your connections

The go-to for many Utahns when searching for a wedding photographer is to check their friend list (or the ward list). Utahns are usually well connected and nearly everyone knows someone with a nice camera who may be willing to offer wedding photography at a discount.

Make sure you do your research when selecting a friend to take pictures at your wedding and never select a photographer out of some perceived obligation to your friend or family member. It's ok to do your research and find a photographer that matches your style and needs.

Finding a photographer on Instagram

Instagram is a great way to find a photographer for your wedding. Many Utah-based photographers use hashtags, locations, and keyword-rich user names to help you find their work. Try searching #UtahWeddingPhotography on Instagram or searching your ideal Utah photography location and viewing popular photographers' work.

Check the photographer's website

A wedding photographer's website can be a gold mine of valuable information. Performing a google search or looking on your favorite maps app can yield results of nearby photographers. Just as with the other methods you'll still need to do your research. View details such as the photographer's wedding portfolio, packages, and potential travel costs.

Events You Need Photographed

Engagement Photos

Most Utah couples include engagement photos on their list of wedding photography needs. Engagement photography is great for couples who'd like photos for their wedding invitations or for social media announcements.

Utah Sand Dunes Engagement


Traditionally bridal photography is taken before the wedding and without the groom. A bridal session includes a variety of images of the bride, usually in her wedding dress. Today, bridals are still a popular option, though many opt for a "formals" shoot instead.

Bridals at Utah's Great Salt Lake


Formal sessions have taken the place of many bridals sessions in the last decade. Since many Utah couples hold religious weddings in temples, it has become increasingly popular to capture a "first look" between the groom and bride with the groom in his suit and the bride in her wedding dress. The replaces the traditional first look which would take place when the bride walks down the aisle at the ceremony. Formals sessions are included as an option in most Utah wedding photography packages.

Utah wedding formals in Big Cottonwood Canyon

Get-Ready Images

Pre-ceremony photos add a touch of elegance to a couple's collection of wedding photography. These highlight the bride getting her makeup and hair done the morning of the wedding and can include the groom and groomsmen tying their ties as well.

Ceremony Photography

Photography coverage of traditional wedding ceremonies is a must-have. This is usually, a top priority for couples in Utah. If a couple is married in a temple they won't need any photography coverage of the sealing ceremony itself, but most like to have photos of family and close friends on temple grounds immediately after the wedding ceremony.

Utah wedding ceremony dip kiss
Temple Wedding Kiss Payson Utah

Wedding Luncheon or Dinner Photography

Luncheon coverage is optional at a wedding, but can be a great way to remember details of the day. If an intimate meal with your close friends and family is a special part of the day you'd like to memorialize make sure to ask your photographer about their availability during your wedding meal.

Utah wedding luncheon dinner

Reception Coverage

The wedding reception is a party to be remembered so photography coverage is as important as it is fun. Wedding reception photography will help you remember the friends and family that attend and the memories you make. Also, dancing pictures are the best!

Dancing at a Utah wedding reception

Pick a Location

Once you've determined your preferred photography style and found a matching photographer that works within your budgetary constraints you'll need to determine the location of your photoshoots. For engagement photos, you may want to consider some popular outdoor locations. Utah offers beautiful vistas in any direction within a short drive.

Some popular locations include:

Tibble Fork Reservoir

Tibble Fork Reservoir Wedding

Bonneville Salt Flats

Sand Hollow State Park

Sand Hollow State Park Wedding

Get in Touch

If you're still in the process of searching for your photographer I'd love to be considered. With over 10 years of Utah photography experience I'm prepared to help you capture the images from your special day you'll cherish for a lifetime.