Well, this is a bit different than my usual posts, but I wanted to take a (short) break from writing about Utah wedding photography and write about something that lots of people are thinking about this time of year! Many of you know that I served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints a few years ago in Orlando, Florida. I loved my time serving the people there! My sister also served a mission recently in New Orleans and while she was out I remember my family and I searching for good gifts to send her and having a hard time finding the right thing!

So I decided to put together my own list! Hopefully this will help a few people out this Christmas season as well as in the future for birthdays and other occasions!

Waterproof LDS temple sticker with blue background
Orlando Florida Temple sticker surrounded by more on wood
Missionary bicycle sticker

Gift Ideas For Sister Missionaries

Knowing what to get a Sister on her mission can be a real challenge! Here are a few ideas to get you thinking!

  • New set of scriptures - Check out line upon line. The wide margin scriptures are perfect for the Sister who loves to annotate!
  • Missionary Stickers! A great option for under $5! I recently started creating my own waterproof LDS stickers (temples, bikes, and other cute stuff!) Contact me if you're interested!
  • Nauvoo remembered - They make the cutest rings out of temple stones!
  • Sister missionaries can always use new dresses - Look at trendy, cute dresses at Called to Surf! (My favorite)
  • Quality pens - to go with her scriptures. Micron pens are great for Line Upon Line scriptures!
  • Pepper Spray - Help her feel safe!
  • Gift Cards - Make sure they're for restaurants/stores that exist in their area!
  • A new journal - I wrote a ton on my mission and filled the initial journals I took out!
  • Family photos! (If you ever need a photographer, hit me up!)
Line Upon Line wide margin Book of Mormon

Gift Ideas for Elders

What about Elders? What kinds of things do they want and what gifts do they actually need? It might be easy to run to the clothing store and pick out a tie, but does your Elder actually need another tie? They might, but here are more ideas!

  • Mission Belts - If your missionary doesn't already have a mission belt, he'll want one! These belts come without holes and fit anyone! Plus they look classy!
  • New shoes - Elders go through shoes like they're made of cardboard! Ask them for a picture of their current pair!
  • Tie bars - These are especially helpful if your missionary is on a bike! Check out the ones Deseret Book has!
  • Scripture marking pens/pencils are also great for Elders!
  • SD cards! This might seem like a weird one, but many missionaries can keep photos, music, and other files on SD cards on their phone.
  • Photos of family! (again, I'd love to be your photographer!)
  • Approved missionary music - This one can change from mission to mission so make sure to ask what counts as approve first. Check out the Lower Lights I loved listening to them on my mission!