You should hire a graphic designer as your wedding photographer.

This might not be the advice you'd expect to get as you prepare to tie the knot, but it might be the advice you need to make sure you get the right look throughout your entire wedding process. So what are the benefits to having a wedding photographer with a background in graphic design? What can a graphic designer offer that another photographer might not? And why is all of this important to keep in mind as you are preparing for your wedding? I'll answer each of these questions and more as I describe to you the best way to achieve your perfect wedding aesthetic.

Branding and Marketing

To give a bit of background on myself, I am currently studying digital marketing at a university here in Utah. I also work for a marketing firm based in Provo, Ut. It should come as no surprise that I view a lot of the world through the lens of marketing and branding. I love reading into billboards, logos, and banners (How cool is my wife's logo btw?!? If you didn't know, it's a grapefruit - her favorite fruit - shaped into a camera shutter!). At work, I spend time building the brands of clients through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and looking for other opportunities to grow their online presence. An important part of the SEO work I do is first understanding the brand story of the client-business I am working on. I spend time clicking through their website and social channels figuring out what their mission and story is. It is only after knowing what their main goals are and which voice/tone are typical for the client that I am able to begin writing content for them and progressing their business on digital platforms.

Just as in business, your wedding has a brand. From the social posts announcing your engagement, to the flowers and decorations, you are spreading a message to your friends and family. The type of message you wish to portray depends on the "brand" of your wedding.

Wedding Brand Conflicts

"Ok, aren't all weddings essentially sending out the same message? 'We're in love and come celebrate with us!'"

The answer is yes and no. While all weddings have a similar theme, not all send out the same branding message and some have conflicting messages as different artists express themselves in various aspects of the wedding. For example, you might have a great florist, decorator, and cake maker, but if you have an unskilled photographer or one with different taste, the photos you receive after might not look like you remember or how you want to remember these important aspects of your day.

Another common example of mixed messages regarding your wedding theme is between the designer of your invitations and your chosen photographer. Let's say that your photographer really likes moody dark photographs. Let's also say that your designer likes cutesy pinterest-worthy invitations. If both have their way and neither accommodate the other's style you might end up with some odd invitations!

Note: A good designer should be able to work with whatever style your photographer chose. Likewise, a good photographer should be able to get the style of photos you want to put on your invitations!

Learn more about wedding invitations here.

How to Brand Your Wedding

To make your wedding aesthetic pack the most punch, you'll want to have everything "on brand" for your special day! Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Choose your aesthetic
  2. Check with each of your wedding vendors to make sure they work with your chosen style
  3. Consolidate some of the work. If some vendors can take care of multiple aspects of your wedding, have them do that rather than hiring a separate vendor.

That last point is the one I'd really like to drive home. If your reception venue can offer more than just the space, take advantage! They likely have decorations and maybe even a florist they work with that can deliver everything to meet the same visuals that are all on brand.

In the same vein, if you can hire a photographer that also does design, do it!

Why Whitney Sue?

Whitney Sue is a two-in-one company, offering both exceptional photography and beautiful designs. While Whit can take the photography from another photographer and design something incredible based on color themes and lighting, her clients will get the full power of her creativity as they hire her for the entire process.

Whitney has the foresight to know what kind of photos will look best printed on your wall and on the invitations you send out as she is taking your photos and even before. As you discuss with her where to take your pictures, what time of day, and what clothing to wear you can have the confidence that she is not thinking only about the photos themselves and what will be easiest to edit. She is considering your entire wedding brand.

Contact her today to begin making your envisioned wedding a reality.